How To Streaming Live to YouTube With BlackMagic Hyperdeck Studio Pro and Wirecast

In this article, I will show you how to stream live in HD to YouTube using a Blackmagic Hyperdeck Pro recorder, a Thunderbolt enabled laptop and Wirecast as I could not find any information on doing this and almost bought the Blackmagic mini recorder to interface between the recorder and my Thunderbolt enabled Macbook.
Pic and Link to Mini-Recorder

Here is a complete list of everything you will require in order accomplish this task:

1. At least one HD capable camera.
2. ‎A HD mixer only required if using more than 1 HD camera and you want your viewers to see a live switch of your video production as we do for our services.
3. ‎ The Blackmagic Hyperdeck Pro SSD recorder which has Thunderbolt connection other models might not have this.
4. ‎A Thunderbolt cable.
5. ‎A laptop with a Thunderbolt connection, I have access to a Mac, but you can also use a Windows Laptop or PC that has Thunderbolt.
6. ‎Blackmagic Hyperdeck utility software (this may not be required, but I haven't had time to un-install and test). Link
7. ‎Blackmagic Desktop Software. Link

I'm not going to run through connecting all these together, but you need to be able to see your Camera/Mixer output on the Hyperdeck Pro screen before you try connecting the laptop and the Hyperdeck together.

Plug the Thunderbolt cable into the back of the recorder and the other end into Thunderbolt enabled laptop/computer.

Switch both the recorder and computer/laptop on and download the mentioned above.

We will be installing the software in the following order.

1. Hyperdeck utility Mac or Windows
2. ‎Blackmagic Desktop video. Mac or Windows
Once this is installed, look for Blackmagic Express, launch it and confirm you can capture video that is showing on the recorder into the computer (this test confirms the appropriate drivers have been installed by steps 1 &2)
3. ‎Wirecast for YouTube Mac or Windows
(if already installed you don't need to do anything apart from steps 1&2)

Launch Wirecast and you should now be able to add a new camera shot called Hyperdeck_pro and stream to YouTube or any other service of your choice.

There are many articles and videos showing how to setup Wirecast available on the Internet, so I will not duplicate those here.

If you have any problems getting your Hyperdeck Pro and Thunderbolt enabled computer to talk together, leave a comment or hit me on Twitter @sogunlokun and I will try and assist.


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