Tapeless Church Video Camera Mistake

Using a Tapeless church video camera like the Sony EX1 has it's advantages like quicker edit times, not requiring the camera in order to capture video production clips, but as a member of our church's media department found out yesterday, it also has a major disadvantage!

Just before the beginning of our main Sunday worship service two members of the video team went out locally to shoot some clips that was to be used for a church promotion advert, they probably spent about 30 minutes capturing the few images required.

Now we don't have surplus church video equipment so the Sony EX1 camera was need for recording the service which had already started. So this member of our team who was relatively new (couple of months) went through the normal setup procedure for one of the camera positions, but then made the rookie mistake of formatting the media that was in the camera despite this having been done at the beginning of the video shoot!

We didn't need the footage for that morning's service but the lesson has been learnt, if you record unto memory cards, remove the card from the camera once the shoot is over before reusing the camcorder, or at least switch the erase protection tab on! If we had been using tapes, it would be much harder to erase the footage, as you would first need to rewind the tape, then record over it, it this case it was just a matter of going into the menu, selecting format, and before the colleauge could say STOP, the button had been pressed!

We will have to re-shoot the footage next Sunday morning, and I'm sure the same mistake will not be made twice! the joys of working in the house of the lord!


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