Connecting HD SDI Cameras to Datavideo HS-2000

Here is a short article on how I connect our mobile church HD studio mixer to the Sony EX1 or EX3 cameras that we use to record our church services for TV broadcast.

As I have already mentioned in the HS-2000 review, this HD mixer only uses an SDI interface so we acquired suitable cameras to compliment this in the Sony EX1 and EX3 range since these have the appropriate output connectors.

The first step we need to perform, is to configure the HS-2000 or SE-2000 to work at a particular video resolution, so press the Menu button, go to Mode Settings and select the mode that applies to your part of the world 1080i 60Hz (in the case of USA, see below).

Make sure you save the setting before exiting the HS-2000 menu.

Once you have this setup connect your BNC connector of the SDI cable running to the camera into the appropriate number at the back of the mixer (you can have up to 4 HD cameras  in use on the SE-2000).

Now go to the HD camera position, and plug in the SDI cable into SDI output connector of the SONY EX1 or EX3. Always remember output from one device (camera in this case) goes to input of another device (video mixer).

The final thing you have to do is go into the menu of the Camera and select SDI out as your signal route as well as making sure the video format corresponds to that set on the mixer (1080i 60Hz for USA).

The most common problem I get on a sunday morning during setup is that the camera picture is not showing on the Datavideo HS-2000 preview monitor, and the cause is either cables not plugged in at either end, incorrect output format set on the camera or the SDI output connector on the EX1 is not enabled.

I will talk about connecting other HD/HDV cameras to the Datavideo HS-2000 in a future post, so if you have bought an affordable cheap HD church video camera, you will still be able to connect it in a multiple camera church service scenario.


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Please some help about the mixer i going to buy one do you recomend? how do you record? how do you output for streaming?
please help me out asap

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