Church video and Lights

If you are serious about producing good church video, then you can not ignore the importance of having good lighting in your church sanctuary.

One of the most common questions I get asked is what is the best low light video camera for church use. Good video and low light do not go together, and anyone that has been to a TV studio will confirm that even with big expensive cameras costing hundred of thousand of dollars, they still install large lighting rigs to produce excellent pictures in either SD or HD.

This therefore means that once the decision has been made to introduce video cameras into the church, there should be provision made to cater for lights specifically for cameras either immediately, or as a future upgrade especially if your video production is going to be aired on TV.

TV versus Theatrical Productions

It is essential that you note what the eye sees is different from what your church video camera will capture, so if you are putting on a christmas, new year or any special in house theatrical production which will also be filmed either to put on DVD or use for TV broadcast, you employ or use a lighting engineer that understands video requirements as well otherwise your live audience will go away totally blown away, but the DVD or TV programme will be not be useable due to the odd colors captured on tape (I'm speeaking from experience here).


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