Streaming Church Video on Ustream.TV AD Free

Anyone who has tried streaming their church services on the internet via Ustream.TV since the 1st of November 2010 would have noticed the new option to broadcast AD free.

For many of you who have just started a church video ministry, and only have a few home bound viewers, having ADs on your live video feed being streamed on the internet might not be a problem, but with time you might find a lot more people are watching, and you then might think it is time to have AD free church video streaming.

Unfortunately while this new feature from Ustream might seem a good option, at $99 per month for only 100hhrs of viewing, it is very expensive.

Ustream does have a cheaper lower profile product called Watershed, and there are other products available from other companies. See my thoughts on church video streaming with


Paul Thomas said...

Thanks for starting this discussion. I have been using ustream for testing for future webstreaming our services.
The way I have got around having the ads is to use a disclaimer!
Disclaimer: We do not endorse any of the advertising shown with the
player below.

I then have embedded the player below this on the website.

I have read a few things about ways of bypassing the ads, but this is against the terms of service and a bit un-ethical. ustream are providing this service for free, so it is only fair to either have the ads or pay for the service!

One of the things I have not fully worked out yet is the whole licencing area. As I don't know when the sermon will start in the service, I have been broadcasting the whole service, but I not sure about the whole CCLI / PRS issues surrounding broadcasting sung worship.

I agree with you regarding streaming faith and I think a 'Faith Pass' makes it sound like you have to be a Christian to view the content. Viewing services on the web should be inclusive to all.

I am very keen to see more information regarding web streaming and to share my setup.

Anonymous said...

try You can always negotiate with them. Very reliable and friendly.

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