and Church Video on Internet is probably the largest provider of live streaming of church services on the internet, I however a BIG Problem with there system configuration.

Why do they require viewers of their service to have a faith pass? As a christian trying to reach the world, placing such an obstacle in the path of anyone who either wants to participate in our church services live on the internet or indeed archived video footage does not seem to be a good idea, or they only interested in meeting the needs of christians only?

If we decide to upgrade from using Ustream, then I won't be choosing as long as people can't view a live or archived video stream without registering.

We should make the Gospel free to the world, even if it costs us money and time.

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NetroMedia Streaming said...

You are more than welcome to try, review and give feedback on our streaming services at NetroMedia. There is a slight learning curve, I must say - however once you get going, you can basically stream live/archived video in many forms, formats and platforms.

We always like serving Faith broadcasters (:

Daniel @ NetroMedia

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