Church HD multi-camera mobile video studio Datavideo HS 2000

In a previous article, I recommended the Datavideo SE2000 video mixer as suitable church video equipment for any ministry thinking of getting into HD production on a budget, well this week our church acquired the HS-2000 portable HD studio based on this mixer as our first step in upgrading the faithful SD equipment that has been serving us over the past 5 years into HD production systems for the future.

HS-2000 Church mobile HD video production studio

My first impression of this Datavideo piece of equipment after it's high quality build which I've already mentioned during the review of our church digital video recorder is that the unit is very small considering it is a 5 channel video and 4 channel audio mixer with built-in 5 station intercomm, 17 inch multi-display LCD monitor for preview, program and individual camera monitoring.

The main reasons we bought this video directing station were it was affordable, had professional broadcast SDI HD inputs (which means we can use it with high end cameras, VTRs, chroma keyers, etc), was an all in one solution requiring just cameras and cables to go live and would cut our setup and breakdown times drastically.

Over the next few weeks, I'll be training our department members on the use of this equipment, and will be looking forward to increased productivity, as we will now have tally lights and full duplex intercomm systems as used by the professional TV crew.

Having used the Datavideo HS-2000 mobile video studio to record two of our sunday church services, I can say that the 17in multi-preview monitor is not as bad as I thought it might be, because the preview window is big enough to allow you to determine if the shot about to go live is framed properly and in focus.
close up of church HD mixer production system

Over the next couple of weeks I will let you know how we are getting on with the unit, and out transistion from SD to HD video production of our church service recordings.

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Unknown said...

Wow that's an impressive set up. Once you're trained your church I going to have an awesome church HD video system- congrats. My church is looking into getting a system, I hope we can get one that is as impressive as what you're doing, and it seems like a great addition for church services.

Pianodude said...

How can you use a video mixer with a COMPUTER to add titles to a live-switched recorded service so that you can add titles on the fly without having to use a titler and set it up before hand.

Shola said...

You can do this provided your video mixer has a good luma-keying facility.

I mentioned in my detailed review of the datavideo HS-2000, that it has a limited facility to accomplish this task, once you have used a software program like powerpoint or any of th other church presentation software to create your titles against a BLACK background.

Don't forget your church video switcher will also need to be able to accept the computer VGA/DVI or HDMI output.

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