Digital church video recording Datavideo DN-200

I had mentioned in a previous post about digital video recorders and their use for a church media ministry especially helping to reduce the time it takes to complete your church video production. Well our church recently acquired a Datavideo DN-200 as a replacement to using a consumer hard drive DVD recorder for capturing our sunday services live.

The Datavideo DN-200 is a 300GB analague/digital video recorder/capture device that is firewire capable and can handle both SD or HD signals. The beauty of using this new piece of equipment is that our church video podcast production workflow time has now been halved because within a minute of pressing the stop button I now have a quicktime mov file ready to import into our apple macbook pro that doesn't require any rendering.

The DN-200 is no cheap piece of video hardware, and this is clearly evidenced in the high quality build of the product and might not be affordable for churches starting a new media ministry, but if you already have a video department and are seeking ways of improving your efficieny, then this is a device worth think of investing in.

The recording quality of our podcasts have also improved because we can now record DV25 files directly from our video cameras using firewire and in future when we upgrade to HDV we won't need to buy a new recorder as it also records M2T files.

Another bonus feature that the datavideo DN200 adds is the ability to stream live video on the internet while simultaneously recording to hard disk because once it is plugged into the mac, it appears as a DV device recognised by our UStream.TV software.

I'm looking forward to many years of tapeless video recording and production with our new Datavideo DN-200 equipment.

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Timothy said...

This post is great, thanks for sharing and letting me know that someone is having success in a similar situation that I'm currently trying to resolve. Sick and tired of DVD recorders and want that native HD recorder.

Unknown said...

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