Church Video Equipment problems

Unfortunately it is not uncommon for newly acquired church video equipment to develop faults or to have bugs, first it was our church apple mac laptop, now our recently bought tapeless digital video recorder, the Datavideo DN-200 which was such a life saver the first day we used it to record our church sunday service.

I've had to report what seems to be a software problem whereby the digital recorder stops capturing video to the inbuilt hard drive. I waiting for the Datavideo UK distributor to get back to me, so will keep you posted of any developments. In the meantime I have to make sure that we have tape backups of all church services.

datavideo dn-200 church video recorder

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Marie said...

That does not sound good. I know church video equipment can be expensive so I hate hearing that you have problems with yours. My church uses a Vista Spyder and it's been really great. It's compatible with everything we've connected it to so far. I hope you fix your problems before your next service.

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