Ustream church live internet streaming

Last week I mentioned that I was testing Ustream for live church video streaming on the internet, and after today's test, I must confess that I'm loving this system for broadcasting our services live to homebound members of our congregation or those away due to work and business.

Not only can this free service allow ministries to start cheaply to get their church video message to a larger audience, but if you utilise the record option, you can instantly allow anyone who was not able to catch the service live, the ability to watch or listen to the service and sermon immediately after the service ends!

My tests are still in progress, as I'm still not happy with the throughput i'm getting via the internet connection, but that has nothing to do with ustream, rather the ISP or firewall/WiFi system from which I have to work behind.

Things that I still will have to confirm is UStream's ability to handle large number of viewers, and if I will be forced to use the Ustream show page if the service becomes popular since adverts are not currently shown via the embeded player as I mentioned in last week's video post.


Mark - Video Streaming Blogger said...

My Church originally began with Ustream but due to a lot of instability problems (and of course the advertising) they opted for a paid service which is working very well. I personally think free does have some distinct disadvantages - the old adage is still true that you get what you pay for. We basically have a combination of live streamed video and audio podcasts on our site which covers most of our visitors.

laura said...

How do people find your church service then? Is it attached to your website?

We contine to use Ustream in spite of it's quality issues and the annoso many people have "wandered into" our services. We've been able to reach out to some people who needed prayer or counseling or just someone to talk to, because we're out on Ustream.

Are you guys getting that same kind of traffic with your paid service or is that even a goal of live streaming for you?

Appreciate the conversation and feedback.

Laura said...

"and the annoso" should have been "because so..."

ccbbc said...

Can you live stream and record to Vegas Studio at the same time?

Shola said...

Not from the same MacBook laptop from my experience. If you want to do this then you would need to have two feeds going to a computer dedicated to each function.

You can record a flash video file and stream simultaneously to ustream if you use Adobe Media Live encoder, but don't forget that this might require a much more powerful machine to achieve decent results, especially if you what HD encoding.

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