Sony HVR-Z5 HDV Camera is heavy

Having used Sony PD170s prosumer camcorders as our main church video cameras for over 4 years, we had an urgent need to record ISO in HDV over the weekend, so we hired a Sony HVR-Z5 camera, and the only thing I can say is that this camcorder is Heavy!

Even though I picked the Sony HVR-Z5 up on friday, I didn't have any time to spend with the camera until I actually used it in church on sunday, so I'm not going to give a product review, but I'll just say the camera produces very good church video clips, is well built and a professional built kit that not only looks the part, but actually lives up to all expectations.

We didn't have a HD video mixer to use with the HVR-Z5, so I haven't edited the final product, but I trust that we will get excellent footage.

I wouldn't hesitate to hire this camera for church or personal use again, and if I do I'm sure I wouldn't be disappointed.


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