Church video streaming with Ustream.TV test

Over the weekend, I carried out some tests of live church video streaming using the service.

One of the reasons many people might not want to use the free version of for live streaming of church video on the internet is the fact that the show page carries advertising, but did you know that you have an option of embeding the live player into a page on your own website thus eliminating the majority of these adverts?

The main testing that I was doing in church this weekend centred around the stability of the internet connection we had, so I won't be saying much about the streaming side of things, though it is looking good at the moment.

Remember you don't have to stream church video, you can always opt for audio only if you have internet bandwidth problems or don't have a powerful enough PC or church equipment to handle video.


Anonymous said...

Our church is totally new to video streaming. We do audio streaming but no video.
We have 12Mb ADSL2+ internet service and LAN gigabit.
What speed/size type of computer do you use?
If you only want to do video streaming is there a wall mounted video camera controllable from a sound/video booth that you can recommend?

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