Church video audio recordings

One important thing to bear in mind for your church video production process is the need for good audio sound being supplied during your church service recording.

The most common setup in a church auditorium is to have a dedicated feed from the sound booth supplied to the video mixer desk, and even though sometimes you might have your video directing position in the back of the building, it is essential that you have headphones to seperately monitor the dedicated church video audio being recorded, as there is nothing more off putting than perfectly good pictures accompanied by buzzing or inaudible sound.

You should also make sure that you use balanced XLR audio connectors to interface with your video equipment to reduce the risk of mismatching or audio buzzes on your video recordings.
You also need to form a close bond with the audio engineer, as while what comes out of the in house speakers might sound like a good mix, it is very common for the audio being recorded by the church DVD recorder to be completely different, so make sure you are able to communicate and let the audio mix person know that the instruments are drowning the vocals because it is turned up too loud.

Remember you are all working towards the same goal, and while the live service going well is important, it is equally esential that the audio on the church video podcast or broadcast recording is also setup and captured properly, in particular the level must not be too high resulting in distortation or very low and can not be heard.

Ideally if you have your church video recording equipment in a seperate room away from the live service, then it is easier to monitor the sound on external speakers and you know early when things are going the audio goes wrong, and can get it fixed rather than having to find out while doing the final post production editing.

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