Cheap HD Video Mixer Datavideo SE-2000

Our church uses the Datavideo HS-2000 mobile video studio which is based on the SE-2000 to record our services in HD.

Anyone starting a new video ministry today will have found out that all video cameras on the market whether it be consumer, prosumer or professional are all High Definition capable, which is great, but if you want to do a multi-camera recording of a church service in HD, you need a HD capable video mixer, and until recently, this piece of church video equipment has been very expensive, but not anymore, thanks to DataVideo's SE-2000 HD-SDI mixer product.

The Datavideo SE-2000 is a very affordable full HD only 5 channel video mixer and at less than $4,500 it now brings HD church video recording into the range of many more ministries (it is currently the cheapest HD hardware switcher available on the market).

One of the reasons why the SE-2000 is a cheap HD mixer is the absense of any internal scalers of SD video signals (this unfortunately means it is not possible to mix signals from older cameras such as the Sony PD-170), and all four video inputs have to be via SDI connections and you will need either camera's that have SDI output by default such as the Sony PMW-EX1 or if you are using a church camera without SDI interfaces, you need to buy a suitable HDMI DAC. The SE-2000 has a very clever video preview monitoring solution providing 8 screens all on one suitably sized HD TV monitor.

I'm currently looking at hiring one of these video mixers for church use, and will give a detailed review in a future article.

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Unknown said...

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Robert said...

What about this one? It's cheaper and seems to have more options..

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