Video Department Vision 2010

It is the beginning of a brand new year, and whether you are a church video department leader, or just a member, do you have a vision of what you as an individual will like to accomplish or the department goals for the year 2010 will be?

Things that you should be thinking of are improving your skills as a church video director by either attending courses if affordable ministry budget is available or buying a cheap directing book which you can invest in yourself as a show of your committment to the Pastor.

Dedicate more time to the department by getting involved in events tha happen outside service times (Video editing takes up a lot of time when it comes to church video production), cover events that need recording even if it means having to give up a saturday afternoon.

Plan to be more effective as a department, by creating a weekly, monthly video news report of activities in the church (this might be welcomed by homebound congregation as well as those that travel a lot).

Start producing that church video podcast you've been thinking of for the last 6 months.

Train someone else to operate the main camera you love doing every sunday morning.

Whatever it is that you accomplished as a department or individual last year, 2010 is the beginning of a new decade, and the time to move to new levels with your church video ministry.

I've listed 2 books below, invest in one of them and improve a skill that you can use to the glory of God this year.

Notes on directing video in church editing with Final cut pro for dummies or church


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