Happy New Year 2010

This is a just a quick post to wish all readers of this church video blog a happy new year.

I hope all your ministry plans for the year 2010 are met, and that you continue to be a blessing to your Pastor and the congreation.

I hope to continue to post my exerience of video production in the church enviroment in the year to come, and any reviews of euipment I might use.


Anonymous said...

Just struggling with getting a church media system on wheels: have to buy the camcorders and the options are: 2x Sony HVR HD1000 or 3xconsumer level camcorders (Sony as well). Problem regarding the small camcorders: output is 16/9 and the mixer/capture card BlackMagic is PAL (4/3). Only way I found to make this system work is to get the 16/9 signal -> travel through the mixer -> capture with PAL (720x576) -> resize to 720x404.

Is it possible with the small camcorders to get directly PAL signal ?


Shola said...

You didn't mention what you are going to use as a vision mixer, but any recently manufactured capture card including BlackMagic should support 16/9 mode, there might be limitations that are software based.

I always recommend using hardware video mixers as opposed to software based ones, thought Tricaster does seem to have a big following.

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