Panasonic MX50 4 channel mixer

I had the oppourtunity of using the Panasonic MX50 as a church video mixer over the last weekend because we had a major production with 3 cameras and a laptop as a video source and our cheap 2 channel mixer could not cope with the demands.

While the MX50 is an old device and no longer available in the shops, it is very widley used and is a very reliable workhorse when it comes to live video switching especially when HD is not required.

I loved the big chunky source selecting keys on the A/B bus bars, and the T-Bar was a joy to use for smooth disolve transistions and while there are other functions like grahics overlay, keying functions, these where not required for my live video production, so I didn't get to use them.

The panasonic MX50 has now been replaced by the more modern AG MX70 8 channel digital video audio switcher.

I'm not back to video directing using or church video mixer, but surely enjoyed the ease of use the MX50 afforded us over the weekend.

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