Recording church video from mixer

If you are using a multi-camera church video setup to record your services then you would have a video mixer and the output of that will go to a recording device of some sort, but what equipment should you use? A DVD recorder, MAC or Windows Computer/Laptop, VTR or someother device.

The type of church video equipment used will depend on budget and the final requirements of the recorded video production.

DVDs for home bound members of the congregation can be produced directly from your chosen DVD recorder un-edited, and if you have chosen one with an inbuilt hard drive, simple edits might be possible depending on the features added by the manufacturer.

If you are recording the service for post event video streaming on the internet, then you could either record onto DVD, rip the DVD content using a computer, then edit and compress into a suitable format for streaming.
You could also use the same process for producing a podcast (as long as HD quality is not required).

If you are recording for broadcast on TV, then you would need to connect the output of your video mixer to a suitable VTR to forward to the broadcasting facilities (you might need to do some editing or they could charge you to do it if ou don't have the skills or personnel to do it). Remember if HD is required, then your cameras, mixer and VTR all have to support the format.

Some of you might have a spare Apple Mac or Windows based computer and might be wondering if you can connect your laptop to a video mixer and record your church video on it, and the answer is yes, but let me warn you, that this is probably the most unreliable way of capturing video, especially if the computer has not been specificially built and dedicated to video post production.

First of all you will need a suitablely speced machine, then you would need a video capture card to interface between the mixer and then you would need suitable software (the capture card might have a basic application included).
In sort a lot of hassle, not forgeting that 1hr of SD video will take 13GB of hard disk space (HD will consume more), personally I wouldn't recommend a computer based church video recording system, as it costs a lot, there are too many variables that will make it un-reliable, there will be a step learning curve for the recording workflow as well.

Tip: If you have a spare video camcorder, you can use it as a VTR to record instead of buying one, especially if the lens portion is broken. Other devices that you could use include the Firestore, Datavideo Recorder, etc. There is always something available to suit every budget, you just need to look for it.

For live church podcast production and recording on an Apple Mac computer platform, you might be interested in BoinxTV.


Unknown said...

Just starting the video ministry, has a budget of $1700 for camera what make and model is my best bet? I would appreciate a response on my email if you don't mind.


God bless.

Shola said...

The only camera I can suggest that fits that budget is the Sony HVR HD1000U which I mentioned in my affordable church camera post, so read the article to get more details of the features and specification.

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