church Video team technical requirements

Due to the nature of equipment used by a church video department, you will sooner than later have to deal with issues that are technical. This could range from troubleshooting why a camera is not producing a picture on the mixer preview monitor, to repairing connecting cables all the way to eliminating mains hums from the audio feed being sent to your from the churches soundcraft desk.

While you don't need to have previous experience of this, you need to be willing to learn and pick up basis electronic diagnosis skills and even have to do things like soldering XLR, Phono RCA, stereo jack connectors to cable ends. All this will be in addition to learning how to properly operate your regular church video equipment such as composing proper camera shots, directing video, learning the proper talkbalk language, balancing and levelling tripods, white balancing, 3 point lighting, etc.

While recruiting team members you obviously can't demand that only people with a technical background apply, since everyone is a volunteer you can always be on the look out for those that do, and head hunt them personally to join the video media department, as this would make your life easier and make training of others possible.


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