Church Video is not cheap

An important thing that anyone thinking of starting a video ministry should always consider is that church video production hardware is not cheap even if you are buying secondhand or used broadcasting equipment for church usage.

There are two types of equipment that you might consider for your church video production needs whether this be recording for TV or cable broadcasting or just producing DVDs or podcasts for internet streaming, and these are prosumer hardware or broadcasting grade equipment.

If you are just starting a media ministry, you are most unlikely to be able to afford broadcast grade cameras and video switchers (HD or SD) not just because of budget reasons but you probably won't have the necessary expertise in house to use these high specification hardware anyway and therefore you should be considering prosumer church video system configurations for your santuary use.
While prosumer video production hardware is not as expensive as their Sony or Panasonic broadcast equivalent, they are still not cheap, and you should expect to spend thousand of dollars on cameras, tripods, video mixers, lights, preview monitors, talkback intercomm systems and editing computers/software.
Personally I don't recommend buying second hand prosumer equipment especially cameras unless I know the full history, but obviously it is an option available to get the video department up and running and undergo training to become camera operators, video directors

You should not be considering cheap consumer cameras if your aim is to broadcast your recorded church services on TV or the internet via podcasting or live video streaming. If that is all your budget can afford, it is best you potspone the department and save up till you can afford prosumer video production equipment.

The church ministry that might be considering broadcast grade equipment is most likely to already have an established media department which is currently either only producing in house use DVDs, running an online TV internet streaming service or wanting to upgrade the facilities used for their weekly cable or PBS programmes.
They are looking to upgrade from the cheaper prosumer video production suite of exquipment currently in use to maybe high definition or SD beta quality programming knowing the increased budget this will require.

Whatever your individual case maybe, make sure your Pastor/Bishop has a full idea of the costs not only in money, but time and that there is no cheap way to church video production.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Shola

How would you connect from the mixer into a macbook pro, to capture audio and video on the Mac for editing later in Imovie?



Shola said...

Nathanial, I have hopefully answered your question in my recording from church mixer post, if this doesn't solve your church video issue, then let me know.

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