Church Video Software

If you are looking for live church video mixing or switching software, you might want to consider boinxtv especially if you have a powerful Apple Mac computer you can spare.

BoinxTV is a software alternative to hardware video mixing/switching systems, and runs on the Apple Mac computer platform. It clams to support up to 3 DV cameras via firewire, and boosts a load of video production tools that makes this a broadcast TV truck in a box.
The aim of this video production software is to enable a small church to be able to record a professionally looking video either for podcasting or cable TV broadcasting. It allows graphic overlays, lower thirds, tickers and many much more tricks that could help a new video ministry establish itself.

I'm still evaluating BoinxTV to see if it is a viable church video software option for our media department, especially since it also means we have to have a strong apple mac.

BoinxTV costs $500, or there is a sponsored edition costing $200 which might fit into smaller church budgets though it requires adding a small video to the end of your production advertising the software manufacturers.

In order to be able to use 3 cameras on your church apple mac laptop computer you need a 6 port firewire hub, this will allow BoinxTV to see all 3 cameras as seperate inputs that can be switched to an output for recording directly to hard drive, projector or live streaming on the internet.


Anonymous said...

Asumes you want to use a Mac. Ever have any experience with WireCast?

Negro said...

Really youve connected 3 DV cams to the Belkin FW HUB, and then to the single Firewire port of your MacBook Laptop? Can you send me a picture of youre connection system please? :)

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