Single Camera Church Video Recording

In a previous article about starting a video ministry, I mentioned that you need at least 2 video cameras if you are considering recording your church services either for TV or an online podcast, and in this article, I would like to explain why you need this as your basic minimum church video equipment, and have included some visual examples to illustrate the point.

Ecclesiastes 9:10 Says 'Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might', so I believe if you are going to do anything you should do it with excellence. If the only reason for video recording your church services is to allow homebound members the ability to have an idea what goes on in their absence, then it might be okay to use a single camera video equipment but you've got to remember that any DVD produced is a representation of the ministry, so single camera church video production will not cut it especially with secular people who are used to watching good quality programmes on TV.

Have a look at the church video clip below, it was recorded using a single camera during a training session for our media department members.

The first thing you will notice about single church video camera recordings of a live service is that you only get one point of view, and even though we've tried to make the video interesting by varying the size of the shots of the subject (something that not a lot of people do during their church recordings using one camera without distracting the viewer), it will be hard to keep the attention of a non church person for the full lenght a 45 minute sermon.

Now lets look at another video recording, this time created with a 2 camera setup switched via a simple 2 channel church video mixer.

With 2 cameras, a video mixer and a good director, our video production is taken to a new level! You get to see audience reactions to the preacher's sermon (and not just the back of heads as in the first clip), you can offer the viewer different shots of the minister without them seeing a distracting zooming motion, and on the whole a richer experience and more polished production which will have a better chance of holding the attention or a secular viewer. I know which video I would prefer to watch for a full hour.

So spend a few more dollars on getting the right church video equipment, and don't rush in TV or video production!

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