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This post will show you how to connect a church video camera to a 2 channel cheap video mixer, and will most likely be helpful to those of you just starting a video ministry or media department.

For the purpose of this exercise, I will be using two Sony PD170 DV cameras which will be connected to the 2 channel CMX07 video mixer using S-Video for one connection and composite for the second connection.

Camera and Video Mixer Formats

It is important that you understand the specifications of the church video equipment that you will be connecting together otherwise if the hardware is not compatible then it will not be possible to interface them. The CMX-07 video mixer supports both the NTSC and PAL TV systems, so can be used with cameras in the US or Europe out of the box, and accepts video imputs via either composite or S-Video connections.

Connecting church camera using S-Video cable
You should always use the highest quality recording format for your church video recording system even if you are only providing DVDs to congregation members, and as S-Video is of a higher quality than composite, then this should be your first option for connecting your camera or camcorder to the video mixer if available.

The pictures below shows the Video connectors on the Sony PD170 camera and the CMX07 2 channel video mixer, the S-Video connectors are the multi-pin black connecting points.

S-Video connections on Sony PD170 cameraS-Video input to CMX-07 cheap video mixer

The connections on the Sony PD170 camera are bi-directional and therefore can be used as either inputs or outputs, while the connections on the CMX-07 mixer are clearly marked as either inputs or outputs, the inputs are where we plug the cameras in.

You can order S-Video cables to connect your cameras online, or buy them from local electronic shops like Radio Shack, try and keep your cable lengths as short as possible, and you might see a drop in picture quality in you use lengths over 20 or 30 metres.

The picture below shows the S-Video connection made on our PD170 church camcorder.

connecting S-Video cable to Sony PD170

The other end of the cable is connected to the CMX-07 video mixer below.

video connections on cmx-07 cheap video mixer

Connecting church video equipment using composite phono plugs
The yellow RCA phono connection in the picture below is the composite socket for connecting the Sony camera to an output source.

yellow composite connections on PD170 church camera

You should plug in a high quality cable (siver or gold plug) in to the RCA phono socket as shown below.

composite cable connections on church video camcorder

The advice given above about cable lengths also applies to your composite connections, and should be routed to the church video mixer via the shortest possible route. The other end of the cable goes into the yellow input port on the CMX-07 mixer as shown below.

video connections on cheap church video mixer

The yellow cable below the silver plug in the picture above is used to connect our MacBook Pro computer to the video mixer.

Monitoring your camera inputs

As a church video director operating the vision mixer, you need to be able to be able to see the shots being provided by the camera operators as you switch between cameras to produce the live recording of your church service or the pastor's sermon.
The CMX07 video mixer has 4 monitor outputs even though you can only cut 2 sources at a time.

Some of the monitor outputs are shown in the picture below.

CMX07 monitor outputs

Plug your video monitors in these phono connections so you can see what the camera operator sees.

connecting video monitors to cmx07 mixer

The video directors view of the preview monitors.

Church video directors preview monitors

The church video mixer connected, with audio from the sound team.

church video mixer in action

If you have any queries or questions do leave a comment, and I will try my best to help you get your church video mixer and cameras connected.

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Do you have to use a macbook or can you use any kind of laptop and how do you connect the laptops to the system and use them

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Want to thank you for your excellent blog posting as this is what we were looking for. Some one had to blaze the trail to reaching out to the world with the Gospel message and show others how to do the same. We are a small church and I am in charge of doing this as our Church site at knows the importance of using video in a new contemporary world too tell others about Jesus. Thanks Lanny for an excellent blog with photos.

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