Church Video Equipment - Know how to use it

It doesn't matter how cheap or expensive your church video equipment is, or what budget you have spent to acquire your video systems, will only get the best out of your church camera, video mixer or DVD recording system if you fully know its capabilities, and are able to harness those features to fufill your video ministry's requirements.

I've seen many church TV broadcasts aired where the camera equipment have not been white balanced, running on auto focus or haven't been setup properly. You shouldn't rush to get your video products into the public domain before you've had the proper training, fully mastered the equipment, as your broadcasts are a reflection of your ministry.

Simple things like setting up a camera tripod, making sure that it is level and that any pan and tilting drag is configured correctly for the individual operator all contribute to the final TV product, not to talk of knowing how to get a good audio feed into your multi channel church video mixer!

It takes some time from you getting your new church video equipment to when your volunteers will be able to operate it skillfully, so as a church Pastor don't put undue pressure for immediate results after releasing the budget to the media deparment.
As a video media department volunteer, you should start by reading your equipment's manual, as you never know what hidden gems you might find. Your cheap church video mixer might have a chroma overlay function that could allow you superimpose song lyrics over the pictures being projected onto the screen, or maybe the HDV camcorder you've bought has manual focus which you never knew about until you read the instructions.

So before you request a new video camera from your church bishop, make sure you are getting the best out of all the church equipment you have access to now.


Anonymous said...

I went to a church once, and felt like being there listening and watching the service that it was on TV. It was because they had a huge LED video wall. My church does not have that, but it was a really cool way to experience a service.

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