Value your Church Video Team

Sony camera suitable for church videoAs a Pastor or a department head, it is important that you value your church video department members because the secret to having a sucessful video ministry is in the strength of the indivduals that put their time into the various tasks that are required for a good church video production. Video Editing, Field Electronic News Gathering (ENG), Camera operators, runners all have their part to play, and while it is possible for one person to do a lot of the work to bring a video to the church for a presentation, delegating and diversifing is the way to build the foundation of your church video ministry.

One thing you need to know about running a church video department, is that it takes a lot of time to produce good video DVDs, reports or presentations, the other thing is that being very technical, losing a media department resource will take a long time to replace, as training a replacement could cost your church time and money, so value your present video directors, editors, church camera operators and producers.


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