Church Video Production

There are 2 things you need to enable you to carry out church video production:

Video Production Equipment and Skilled media personnel or operators.

Church Video Equipment

The hardware that you buy will largely depend on the tasks you require to be performed, and the ministry's available budget. As always the more money you spend on church cameras, video mixers or DVD Recorders, the better the quality of the end video product that can come out in the right hands.
If all you need is a video overflow facility for a small mother's and baby room for example, you might be able to get away with a consumer grade camcorder mounted on a cheap tripod feeding a 32' LCD monitor. On the other hand that camera will not be adequate to provide IMAG (image magnification) features in a 1000 capacity hall where the people at the back are over 100m from the stage!

Skilled Camera operators, Video Directors and Editors

Having good and expensive church video equipment is good, but without skilled volunteers or personnel to operate them, your church video ministry will not be able to function properly and to its full potential.
Many people will say they know how to operate a church camera, but do they know how to perform a white balance on a Sony HRV1U Camera? or what is the difference between the Iris control and gain on a camera?
Supposing you have just spent $5,000 on a church video mixer, but due to santuary restrictions have to setup and break down your video equipment, will your video director be able to do this each week and maintain a consistent video recording of the service with faithful picture reproduction and a professional TV quality look.

As you can see having the money for equipment and freely available people is not the only key to a successful video media department, but training which takes time, so a pastor or church leader should not expect excellent results immediately a church video deparment is setup, unless you are prepared to pay professional to operate the equipment, and even that is not always a good option (a subject I will address in a separate article).

I will always sacrifice equipment for skill anyday, as it is always possible to produce good quality church video with cheap cameras in the right hands that have the appropriate knowledge, but not with expensive video mixer with a director just pushing buttons randomly, not knowing the rule of thirds, shot composition or how to direct camera talent.

To illustrate this point, the video below was produced with 2 consumer grade cameras, the first was a Sony Camcorder that cost $450 no longer in production and the second a small $299 portable palm digital camcorder. While the 3 minute documentary is not an award winning product, the story and quality was good enough to be broadcast and aired on US National TV via Current TV.

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