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If you are starting a church video ministry for the purpose of recording your church services on to DVD for home bound congregation members as well as for sale in your bookshop, then once you have acquired your church cameras, video mixer, you will be looking for a DVD recorder to capture the mixed video output from your cameras to a DVD master that can then either be duplicated or if you only require a few copies, then make some more discs with your recorder.

Since we are looking for affordable devices to suit our limited startup budget, the most appropriate devices to use will be consumer electronics DVD recorders.
Church video HDD DVD recorder
The Phillips DVDR3576H is an example of a USA home DVD recorder that you could use as a starting point for producing church service DVDs.

As with selecting cameras, you need to buy a recorder that supports the video system in use in your respective countries (PAL, NTSC, SECAM).

You will notice that this DVD recorder has a 160GB HDD, it is important that whatever recording device you choose, the facility to record onto hard drive is available, as you should first record your church video services directly to the hard disk, and from there you can copy it DVD removing any unwanted portions using the inbuilt simple editing facilities. This allows you to start recording at anytime during the service and not miss the beginning of the Pastor's sermon. Note that DVDs have a limit of 4.7GB, so if you were recording a church concert or worship service directly unto DVD, you might run out of space, or if your DVD disk was faulty, you could miss the whole event, which is why all church video recordings should be to HDD and then you can make your final DVDs later (in the broadcast or professional circles, there are multiple backup tapes and camera ISO recordings to safeguard important events).

If your budget allows, you can look for professional grade DVD recorders which should also have the same facilities and more, but are more sophisticated and might have things like XLR connections, BNC, HDMI and SDI connections etc.

When recording your video, use the best available quality settings on the recorder, you can always change the setting when copying to DVD if you need to fit a very long concert or service unto a single DVD.

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