Beginning a Church Video Department

Starting a church video ministry

There are a few reasons for starting a church video ministry, it could be you want to make video recordings of the service available to the church congregation, want to boost your ministry's web presence by offering video podcasts or you are considering starting a TV broadcast outreach program, whatever the reason, I hope you find the information here of use not only in selecting the right equipment, but also training advice for members of your new video media department.

Affordable church Video Mixer
When starting a church video recording department, there are a few things you need to take into consideration before you decide on the equipment that you should buy even if you don't have a budget limit. Your video media department is a technical ministry, and therefore you can't just buy equipment and hope that members of your congregation will be able to use cameras or a video mixer properly without training especially if that is not what they do for a job. While many people will say they know how to use a camera because they have a camcorder at home and have 'recorded' a family members wedding, producing professional looking video that you as a church will be proud of requires some training.

So as a church leader or someone charged with creating a new church video ministry, part of the pre-requites should be thinking about some basic training for the potential members of the department when you buy your video equipment. To be able to select the right equipment, you need to know what the primary function of the department is going to be, and what your budget is that you are willing to commit.

While your church video equipment is not going to be cheap, you don't need to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on cameras, mixers, tripods, lights and grip equipment if all the video ministry is going to be doing is producing DVDs for congregation members and posting a video podcast on the church's website!

Starting a small church video ministry

Sony camera suitable for church videoLet's say that you want the new video department to only produce dvds for members of the church, and that there might be a possibility of podcasts being posted on the internet in the next 6 months, there are no plans for going on to broadcast TV in the next 4 years, but you might need to have a TV in an overflow room during special events such as christmas.

We know what the requirements are, and lets say we have a budget of £10,000 maximun to play with including training, what type of video recording equipment can we get to meet our goal?

You are going to need at least 2 cameras (don't even think about starting a video department with a single camera, while it can be done, the resultant videos will look un-professional, and what is worth doing at all, is worth doing well), tripods, a churh video mixer, DVD recorder and some video monitors.

Here is an example of the type of church video clips you could be producing with not too expensive video equipment, training, patience and time, don't settle for less, invest in the best your church can afford, video production should be as affordable as you want it to be.


Anonymous said...


We are looking to start a video ministry but had a few questions.

We want to start with 2 cameras & a video mixer

My questions are

A. What do we need to get the video onto DVD (DVD Recorder, etc???)

B. Is there a way to also run the video feed through our church IMac so that we can swith from backgrounds to live feed through our projectors?

C. Is there anything else that I need to think about?


Shola said...

To get video to your DVD recorder, you need an audio and video cable from your 2 channel mixer connecting to the appropriate connections on whatever recorder you buy.

The following articles should help:

Church DVD Recorder.
connecting cameras to mixer with pictures.

For more ideas, I suggest you take time to read some of the other articles I've already written, but what I've already suggested should be a good starting point for your new ministry.

Anonymous said...

hi, i am having problem with video signal drop when connecting camera through video mixer and projecting through lcd,even booster wouldn't help,what can be done.

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